Residential Construction

With over 15 year experience in the building industry, we have done everything from small renovations to total re-builds and custom design homes. From your designs  we try to offer an estimate that suits your needs and and budget to project management from beginning to end.

What sets Coastal Construction apart from the rest is our process. We clearly define each clients expectations and establish an estimate and schedule based on those expectations. We work with you every step of the way, informing and educating you throughout the entire process. The more you know, the better you understand and are able to participate in the process to achieve your dream home.

We clearly communicate the plans and specifications, critical dates and quality requirements to subcontractors and trade partners by issuing comprehensive subcontracts and purchase orders.

We conduct thorough site meetings with the client and our subcontractors during major project milestones as well as “as needed” to maintain quality construction detailing and to ensure all work follows the plans and specifications.

Coastal Construction and Building endeavour to make your new or existing home building project a great experience.

We rely heavily on referrals from our previous clients and partners, so we will work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction and meet and exceed your expectations.

Our desire isn’t simply to construct a home, but to build a long-lasting friendship.